We build awesome products with awesome people.

How we roll

We are a team of dedicated makers who are passionate about bringing elegant design and innovative technologies to the world. Our mission is to drive full force ahead to make a better tomorrow. Some call us engineers. Others, magicians. We like to go by Zookeepers.

what we do

Zoo House is derived of innovative companies and ground-breaking projects. We breed and work on ideas in-house and have the right people to lead them. It’s pretty simple and we want to keep it that way. Whether it is design, development, or business, we strive to turn ideas into reality and bring the impossible into today … and do it awesomely well.


This iOS app allows users to track their health benefits and insurance coverage in the palm of their hands.


We have some really smart people working on some really cool stuff. It's top secret right now so stay tuned!

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